The difference between a broken spirit and broken heart!

If we lose or let go of love, we easily confuse the feelings associated with the lack of understanding or accepting the loss, with feelings associated with the choices and decisions we made to yield the loss.

When we have to live with the decisions and/or choices we've made that led to us loosing someone we deemed we were in love with, our spirit becomes broken, because we no longer have the opportunity of another chance. Or at least we believe in that moment that a second chance does not exist.

And when our heart is broken, we're in a space where we cannot understand the hurt and pain of the lost. Broken hearts typically come from lack of understanding and/or an inability to accept the reality of what is. Where as broken spirits are merely emotions of disappointment and regret, that derive from choices/decisions we've made...

It's really easy to confuse the two when you don't understand the difference.

When you're heart is broken, the feeling, more or less, resembles the inability to breath. And that's because broken hearts are damaging and discourage our natural ability to live and/or exist in the present.

For most of us, after having our heart broken, we typically feel like we can't exist without love.

A broken spirit, well we fill a bit different. When our spirit is broken, our energy is energy. Broken spirits are feelings of exaggerated disappointment. And for some of us we either can't or refuse to articulate the feelings associated with the disappointment. Because we know, that we when think about it without bias, we'd have to accept our role in that disappointment.

I know it's easy to forget that we make the choices, that most often yield undesirable circumstances, but when we accept that our reality is a reflection of our decisions, the world begins to make more sense.

You can then seek to find solutions and mend broken hearts and spirits. You seek to gain control of the feelings and situations of powerlessness.

Wow, I'm realizing this is one of the shortest post I have composed in awhile. The information is there, and totally comprehensible. You just have to be willing to accept it.

Share you thoughts below!

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