3 Reasons life is better without expectation!

So this is probably going to be one of the most side eyed posts I've ever written, but it's definitely necessary.

We often associate expectations with our value, and how someone views us, interacts with us and perceives us, is all based on our expectation of that relationship.

We like to use the word expectation interchangeably with standards, when in fact, expectations are presumptions or assumptions of behavior, and/or anticipated events.

Can you believe that expectations, presumptions and assumptions are essentially the same thing?

Well regardless to if you believe it or not, it's TRUE!

So, as with all my posts, I like to challenge my reader's perspective, for growth purposes. This post will challenge many of us, should we accept it, on a greater scale. But, I promise you, the reward is great.



Not only do assumptions allow you to make an "ass" of yourself, but when you make presumptions and assumptions you don't realize that you are legitimately setting yourself up for failure.

Look at it this way, for those of us who assume, we typically believe we know the outcome. But last time I checked, the only being all knowing and all present is GOD. And for those who may not believe in God, that's fine, either way, the point is, you don't know everything.

So when you walk into a situation expecting a certain result, when you don't get the results you expect, you're terribly saddened (let down).

So why assume?

If you release the expectation, you can walk through life making better choices, and reacting to situations, based off of organic circumstances, not assumed outcomes.


When you are able to walk into a situation without assumption, you can genuinely LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Often times we miss so much of life for fear of being let down, so we assume we can predict every outcome of every scenario.

"You can not put a cap on possibilities that are unknown to you." -Audreyanna Garrett

Listen, I understand it's hard to clear your mind and try to live in the space created in a given moment, because we're trained to "be prepared". But, you can't be prepared for something that you don't know is coming.

How can you prepare for the unknown?

Let me provide an example, so, my hometown, Houston, was hit with one of the largest tropical storms of my lifetime, Hurricane Harvey. Regardless to what people outside of Houston have to say, there was NO WAY possible that we could have BEST prepared for such a disaster. And that's for all those who assumed that trying to evacuate 6.5 million people would have been efficient and effective.

So we are clear, Texas is one of the largest states in the US, and Houston is a city of cities. It's HUGE. I believe that Mayor Turner made the right call, and even with that call, no one anticipated Harvey to be as catastrophic. We essentially withstood a historic natural disaster.

So, needless to say, regardless to how one may believe he or she can prepare, you will never truly be prepared for all aspects of life. At some point we have to say, I just want to live and be in the moment in which was created, and not take it for granted, or try to shape outcomes due to fear...


When you allow yourself to be free to live, be and exist in the moment, you open yourself up to a new prospective of life. Life no longer becomes an obstacle course, you have to strategically navigate to success. Life becomes a gift of time.

How you view and see the world changes, when you release expectation and allow yourself to live in every moment, hour, minute and second of everyday. You learn not to take those moments for granted. You learn to not expect to have another day, because quite frankly for most, their final days are not predictable.

Knowing what you know now, will you chose to live a life without expectation?

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