How London Changed My Life! pt. 1


I remember getting laid off from my job in 2011. I had literally just completed my MBA and my job laid me off (without reason) at the end of the same month; so of course I got a severance package... But, with consideration to all of my contributions to that organization, I felt that it just was not enough.

At that point in my life I was confused. I was only 27 and making more than most of my peers and most adults at that age. So I felt that my work ethic had a lot to do with my success. So I personally couldn't understand how and why my VP would do me like that.

I had been the best employee, no write-ups (ever) and saved the company well over $20,000.00 with the policies and procedures I developed and implemented. So makes no sense to me. And even still to this day, it all baffles me.

Shortly after the layoff, I had a conversation with my mom, who then reiterated to me how proud she was of me and what I had accomplished.

She said (something along the lines of) when people do you wrong, you don't get even.

Which made immediate sense to me, because right after I was laid off, I'd strongly considered filing a law suit before I accepted the severance.

But I remember that I'm a child a God, so I tried not to question his plan. I accepted the severance under the notion that God was setting me up for something greater.

I was laid off in June, and within that month I had made the decision to do something different. I needed a change and I needed it quick.

At the time one of my best friends had been living in London, for at that point 5 or 6 years.

When I spoke to her, she advised that I should come. And since I wanted to go back to school I said I'd look into it. So I did, and within the next two months I was accepted into the University of London as a Graduate student.


Do you know what it's like to tell your (small) family that you plan to move to London to study?

My oldest sister was supportive as she was a flight attendant for several years of her life, but as my eldest sister she was scared for me.

My little big sister (we are only 11 months apart and she hates when I say little sister lol) she was excited for me but sad I was leaving. I could see that. We were, and are still, very close so for me to leave was a big adjustment for us.

But at that point I wasn't thinking about anyone else but myself. I had made a decision that I wanted to move, and that was what I was going to do.

I wasn't talking to my Dad at the time so I didn't need to have a conversation with him, but my mother. Oh now that was a task.

She is, and has always been very over protective of us (my sisters and I). She wants to keep us all very close. And while I appreciate that because as a family we are very close, I couldn't understand at the time why it was so hard for her to let me go.

Even after I'd paid for my flight, she was relentless and said everything she could to get me to stay. But being the person I am, I continued to stand my ground.

I had never traveled outside of the U.S. at 27, which for me was shocking because I certainly loved to travel, and had traveled within the states often.

At any rate, I had to rush my passport and VISA, which incurred fees on fees on fees because expedition costs (obviously). But once I held my passport in hand with my VISA enclosed on the pages, I was ready for the new chapter of my life.


Buying a one way ticket to a foreign country is scary and exciting all at the same time. I made sure to read several blogs and sites about living abroad in preparation. But I must say that none of that compared to the actual experience.

Once I got off the plane, I learned very quickly what "travel light" meant. I certainly looked foreign lugging one large rolling suitcase, a large duffle bag and backpack...What the hell was I thinking? I mean before I got off the plane I thought I packed very light. I mean after all I was moving to London. I had left so much at home already, surely this was nothing!

So many people stopped me and said to me "pack light 'eh" in their accents. All I could do was laugh and catch a breather in between changing trains. Because this was my first time in another country. Once I got to Waterloo Station, I took a cab the rest of the way!

When I got to my building, it took no time for me to adjust. Everything about where I stayed was perfect, even the guy who attended the front desk. :)

To be continued...

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